This is an unofficial listing of phrases, terms and other words that I will most likely be using throughout this blog; it should help with your understanding if there are any terms that are unknown to you.

I will keep updating this page as I go along.

Allah : the Arabic word for “God”, which is, in fact, the same God of Judaism and Christianity–even Arab Christians call God Allah. Sometimes you might see “s.w.t.” appear next to the name Allah, which stands for “subhanahu wa ta’ala”, which is basically like respectfully acknowledging that Allah is the glorious and Most High God.

Alhamdulillah: means “all praise is due to Allah” i.e., “praise God”, which is similar to saying “hallelujah”.

InshaaAllah : a term that means “If God Wills It (to be so)” , this phrase usually accompanies intentions and discussions concerning the future, since no one except for Allah knows what the future holds, we should not talk about the future with definitives, instead when we discuss the future, we add inshaaAllah to our statements and plans, because we want to acknowledge that our plans will only come to fruition if Allah wills it to be.

Masha’Allah: this term translates to “Allah has willed it (to be so)” when you are complimenting someone or praising them, you say this to pay respects to Allah for blessing that person with whatever it is you are praising them for.

RasulAllah : this term is used in reference to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it means “Messenger of Allah”. Sometimes, after the Prophet Muhammad’s name, you might see “s.a.w.s”, which is shorthand for “salAllahu alayhi wa salaam” which means “peace and blessings of Allah be upon him”. This is also used when referring to the other prophets of Allah, including Jesus (peace upon him) and Moses (peace upon him).

SubhanAllah: translates to “glory to God”. It’s used usually when something amazes you. If you see a great storm approaching, or witness something remarkable, you can say “Subhan Allah”.

Shahadah : this is the declaration of faith, or literally, the “witness” to the truth, this is the first pillar of Islam, and is made of two parts, the first being “I bear witness that there are no gods, except for Allah”, and the second half, acknowledging the Prophet Muhammad as the final messenger of Allah, i.e., “and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger”. This is all that needs to be said to convert (or, as we prefer to call it, revert) to Islam.

Salat : the word for “prayer”

Assalaamualaikum : “peace be upon you”, when greeted with it, it is appropriate to respond with “wa alaikum assalaam”, which means “and unto you, may there be peace (as well)”.

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